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The Future Myth Project

The artists

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Visual Artist



"We are in the hands of those gods, those monsters, those giants: our thoughts."
-Victor Hugo

The Future Myth Project is an art duo who research artisticly around mythological, cosmological and ecological narratives.

Experimenting with various media, such as multimedia installations,videos and cinematic language, they weave diverse creations inspired by the roots of human societies, astronomy, city life and urban realities.

Through educational actions using imaginary scenarios, they also aim to create art outside artistic institutions, to promote creativity, historical and environmental awareness.

The Future Myth Project is the continuous development of a mosaic - multi-chain project - that works as a sequel and that complements the missing pieces of the ongoing dialogue between myth and reality, between the analog and digital world.


Artworks & Projects

work in progress

Digital Myths : Children from remote areas in Greece and from the Sanday School (Scotland) digitalize local myths through a series of workshops on Digital Storytelling


Supported and funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports

Planet_Kastelorizo (1)_edited.jpg

WeTribe 2021: School kids from remote Greek islands create together a digital work of art.
September-December 2021

The "WeTribe 2021" action is an initiative that aims through digital technology and new media to bring "closer" remote islands, responding to the isolation and exclusion experienced by the inhabitants of such areas. The action aimed to digitally unite these remote local communities and to highlight through the creations of the children the uniqueness of each island. The participating children attended a series of 6 two-hour online seminars during which they gained both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of digital forms of art.

Supported and funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports

External Collaborators


Greek-Scot with a passion for astronomy- graduated from the University of Glasgow (UK) with a joint honours degree in Aerospace and Electronic Engineering, in 1995 - MSc course in Flight Dynamics at Cranfield University (UK) - PhD from the University of Glasgow - author of several popular science and engineering books- lecturer at Glasgow International College. 


Cinematographer and musician based in Athens - completed his studies in the Music Department of the Ionian University - obtained his Master's diploma in experimental composition from the University of Sussex - postgraduate studies in the field of Digital Arts (Athens School of Fine Arts) - involved in various projects as a musician, director and visual artist - focused on experimental and free improvised music- teacher at The Music School of Corinth.

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